Titan's Video Surveillance Solutions Prevent Crime 24/7

With remote video monitoring, video verified alarm systems, mobile surveillance units, and much more — Titan offers the best technology and services available to protect and secure your job site or commercial property.

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Remote Video Monitoring Stops Crime Before It Happens

Security cameras record crimes. To prevent crimes, you need to monitor those cameras and catch criminal activity before it happens.

The Titan Monitoring Difference

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • 75% less cost than 1 on-site guard
  • 6x faster police response rate
  • Insurance discount for monitored security
  • Available nationwide

Video Monitoring Service Starting at $49
Camera System Leasing, Purchasing and Installation Available Nationwide.

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Getting Started With Titan's Remote Video Monitoring

Titan Surveillance Camera Systems

Surveillance Camera Installation

Leverage Titan's state-of-the-art camera systems or your existing security cameras and we'll know exactly what is happening on your property at all times.

Titan Protection - 24 Hour Remote Video Monitoring Command Center

24/7 Remote Video Monitoring

Our video command center operates around the clock and is staffed with our own professionals who specialize in video monitoring.

Video Surveillance and Remote Monitoring Company

Crimes are Stopped or Prevented

Titan can interact with your property at any time and perform "Voice downs" to scare away criminals and alert the authorities of crimes that have or will take place.

Case Studies

See how Titan helped make 20 arrests at a single location
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Founded by Police Officers

Titan Protection & Consulting is a leading-edge security company specializing in crime prevention and detection for hundreds of companies and residents. Based in the Kansas City area, we work with clients to build complete solutions that meet all of their security needs. We provide thorough, affordable monitoring services that discourage criminal activity and give our clients peace of mind.